Notable Dates

The Royal Musselburgh Golf Club
1774 The Musselburgh Golf Club was founded
1774 The 1st Old Cup played for
1811 The 1st Lady Golfer competition held at the Links, the prize was a Creel & Skull and 2 of the best Barcelona silk handkerchiefs
1834 The Musselburgh Club issue a new set of rules
1873 The first clubhouse at the Links on Links Place (Balcarres Road)
1876 The Royal Musselburgh Golf Club received its Royal charter
1925 Moved to Prestongrange onto the course designed by James Braid

The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers
1774 Gentlemen golfers of Leith, Edinburgh, played at Leith Links from 1774 - 1830
In 1795 The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was formed.
1830 The Honourable Club wound up
1836 The Club is revived and moved to Musselburgh Links, the first clubhouse is within the racecourse grandstand
1868 Moved to a larger purpose built clubhouse to accommodate 300+ members at 8 Links Place (Balcarres Road). This was called the "Golf House Club" of which all members of the Honourable Company would be members. It was built at a cost of £2115
1891 On 6th November 1891 the last medal was played at the Links
1891/92 Moved to Muirfield at Gullane, East Lothain. Players who wished to stay at the Links could do so, The Honourable Company paid an annual fee of £150 for 5 years to "The New Club" for use of 100 club boxes and all privilages of the Club.
1893 The "Golf House Club" club house is disposed of.

The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh
1735 The Edinburgh Golfing Society was formed. (This was started at Bruntsfield Links, but there was a difference of opinion between some of the members so The Burgess Society founded The Bruntsfield Association)
1874/75 Moved to Musselburgh, 10 Links Place (Balcarras Road)
1887 The Edinburgh Burgess Golfing Society was formed
1894/95 The club moved to Barnton onto a course designed by Tom Morris
1929 The Royal Burgess Golfing Society became Royal by Decree - King George V (Duke of York played on several occasions)

The Bruntsfield Golfing Society
1760/61 The Bruntsfield Association was founded by The Burgess Society. They played at Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh, which they shared with The Burgess Society
1845 Played at Musselburgh Links, The Cairns Medal
1874 Moved to Musselburgh Links
1875 The Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society was formed
1868/69 The valuation role shows a clubhouse in the name of Bruntsfield Golf Club at Mill Hill at a rental of £20 per year
1895/98 Moved to Davidsons Mains, Edinburgh, adjacent to The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh onto a course designed by Willie Park